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Nigerian word referring to England and london.
" I'm on vacation in jand(england)"

"I'm schooling in Jand"
by Tuade October 25, 2007
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That fucking smooth brain put his shirt on backwards again...

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jand has a indefinite definition, according to the context of which it is used.
adj., ex = you're so jand.
noun, ex= why are you being a jand?
pronoun, ex= DUDE! YOU ARE THE JAND!
adv., ex= you are being really jandly annoying.
by panicdoll January 02, 2006
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Han Jisung’s fine-ass hands.
Person 1: hey do you know stray kids? They are a kpop band!

Person 2: huh? No sorry I only know jands 🤩
by Stray kids November 22, 2020
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Nigerian word referring to traveling overseas to a distant country. So Ghana, Gabon, or neighbouring countries do not count.
Noun: Refers to the location outside the country
I de jand go yankee
I de jand right now.
by Kellyofo August 26, 2018
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Han Jisung’s hands. They are so god-tier that they deserve their own name.
Random person: Oh my! What are those?!

Han Jisung: these are my jands 😎
by Stray kids November 23, 2020
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