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The act of making up a total lie, or assuming things based on something completely unrelated
Person 1: I went to a party last night
Person 2 (to person 3): PERSON 1 HOOKED UP LAST NIGHT
Person 3: Stop janaing
by The Migz March 04, 2015
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Being in a state of perpetual lateness in a all occasions (including one's own birth/death, wedding and every dinner/date/drinks/anything at all - EVER), despite exerting all available energy and having true and honest intention of meeting the predetermined time. Similar to "Fashionably Late" in that both describe an inability of promptness. The difference is that being "Fashionably Late" infers the occasion has previously begun, however, "Janaing" infers that the occasion can now begin and you were lucky said individual came to your lame party in the first place.
"Hey, did you guys see that guy here earlier with the non-ironic mustache and American Flag print Zubaz pants on? Dude, snorted a line of tequilla off the toilet seat. He died immediately after, it was insane"

"Nah, man, we were Janaing. Nothing good happened before we showed up. That dude's death was absolutely in vain and no one will remember he ever existed. Where's the keg?"
by You don't know how to baaaaaa October 13, 2013
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