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she can be nice when you don't piss her off. very pretty and different from all the other girl. she has a temper you better watch out.
janae is a nice person when you don't piss her off
by LISHDA March 04, 2017
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A very interesting girl,she shy ,sometimes kind,loyal,intelligent,mean,she someone who you can depend on.when you need her she will be right there.when you get to know her she very determine. But one thing she hind is her naughty side. She is the best girlfriend to have.she will turn your world upside down. She is some one you can trust.You never be sad around her cause she make you smile and laugh
If you don't have a Janae in your life you need to get one
by love20 December 06, 2014
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The type who will make you laugh when your down.
She is def bootylicious and a fav.
Unless you piss her off.
I love Janae
by Noah February 03, 2018
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The epitome of beauty; the quintessence of purity and sexiness. (That's a wild combination, y'all!)
Yeah, Janae is cool; she always seems to have it all together!
by WhyUWannaKnow? April 29, 2004
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A beautiful girl with luscious, long, thick hair and a hot bod. She's the three B's: Beautiful, Bodacious, and Breath-taking. Boys, you better watch out! You gotta be a man to handle a "Janae."
Boy 1: "Damn, who's that girl?"

Boy2: "Dude, don't even try. You're not man enough to handle a Janae."
by BeautyIsAGift August 01, 2011
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Ja'nae is cute,smart,mean at most times and sometimes nice. She has many sides to her she can sing really good and she is very loyal. If she has to she will defend her family and friends. When Ja'nae gets in an argument she may not win but that is mainly because she is all action. When she finds a boy and they break up she will more and likely want him back which goes to show she's loyal. She is pretty funny and awsome at most things she do. She has a very smart mouth.Ja'nae is into sports and can dress very good.She is beautiful. Most boys want Ja'nae and most girls hate her or wants to be her. If your her bestfriend she will kill for you.
Boys: "she is so cute who is that

Girls:" she looks like an Ja'nae
by Ja'nae August 26, 2017
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A creative girl that enjoys blogging, Netflix and beauty. She's surrounded by loud large crowds quite often, although she prefers the quiet.
Girl one; Who's that girl sitting alone over there?
Girl two; Must be a Janae, let's go be loud around her
by Runaway Writer May 22, 2017
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