always fall asleep really early and will never ft you
well I can't get a hold of Jami cause she's sleeping
by Mega Faggoy November 25, 2018
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My favorite, prettiest blue eyes youve ever seen, takes great pictures, is my source of happiness
by C4 February 17, 2004
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A complete and total buttlord of a friend that sucks at drawing dragons and is also cool sometimes it depends on the day of the week. And also she's weird sometimes but lol I don't care anymore
That dragon sucks, you're such a Jami
by Buttlord Farquad November 9, 2017
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Jami is hella cool, sweet, nice, and funny. Master Jami's love Mariah Carey and giving french kisses.
Jami was on the computer being hella funny but she had to go, so she gave french kisses.
by Kitty Kat July 6, 2004
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All you need to know is that jami is a basic white girl. She wears a lot of unnecessary makeup, drinks Starbucks and wears north faces and ugg boots, she like pink and buys vera Bradley purses. To top it off, she reads magazines.
Gees, this high school is full of Jamis
by JGaud16 January 5, 2014
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A lebanese prostitute currently on the west coast. Notable features can include an overly large nose that at times may apppear to be highly injured and broken. Signature features of the nose include an excessivly narrow, paperlike septum, a large, protruding bridge.Hair is permed and straightened making it nappy, and disgusting.Some reports tell that creatures have been found living not only in her hair, but also her cooch. Eyes are large, beady, brown and often caked in glitter and horrible, cheap eyeshadow and eyeliner that looks like someone put eyeliner pencil between their asscheeks and put it on her eyes. Has seen more penis than mens underwear.
by shakakkakakaka July 13, 2008
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oh jami
you do it well
it must be my orange tabbiness
by stellarprincess August 15, 2011
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