cutlery item - a cross between a spoon and a straw
can i please have a stroon?
by KD June 9, 2003
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- verb (used without object), strooned, strooning, stroons
- abbreviation of the word questroon

to inquire, irritate, pester or holler at a person
1) I was sitting in the conference room bored to tears so I decided to stroon everyone in my contact list

2) I was text messaging with Isaac and he sent me back an out of context question mark. My response: "Isaac, why did you just stroon me?"

3) Last night while I was hammered I decided, like an idiot, to stroon her.

4) Why you strooning me?

5) You just strooned me.

6) Every time she gets wet she stroons me.
by E. Goldstein December 14, 2007
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to grass someone up, to tattle, to turn someone in.
I stroonsed him up to HR after he leered at me
by AndyVee January 28, 2009
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lets put this simply, stroon = straw and spoon, spaw = spoon and straw.
a warrior's weapon in the blaise realm:
c========== <----
by Blaise Lara June 16, 2008
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