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Jami, plural for an amount of Jammers, is the word given to someone who is a Jammer. The Jami order is super exclisive order that only a selct few have the power to join and the title of Jamie is given to a female jammer. The Jami was founded in 2006 by Mastr Jolee BENdo (Benjizman) and Master Sifo Che-as (Master Yo-dave), since then, Obi-Tom Koh Nobi, Falonso, Mace Fen-B, Danyy Galia, Ki-Adi-Michell, Kit Smith-To have joined the Jami(e) in their quest to destroy all Mincers! led by the evil Tash lord, Count Tashku! A Jami must always carry his Spork around with him/her incase they are attacked by stroon, a mincers weapon of choice, they must also know the 10 Jammandments of by heart and of course, NEVER MINCE AND ALWAYS JAM! ;'
1.'Look how skilled those Jami masters are with there Sproks'
'I no, they totaly destroyed that Mincer with his stroon!'

2. 'seen how they disguise they Jam!'
by Bonajmin July 18, 2006
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