Jamie is such an amazing wonderfull soul she deservess every good thing that happens to her , She is mean sometimes but only to the people who deserve it if your mean or rude to a jamie she will tear your heart right out fo your chest but shell give u mercy if u deserve it. She is the epidemy of perfection , she is so amazing and everyone worth living loves her , she can see right through any lies , and if u lie too her she will hate you for the rest of her life , shes the girl that everyone thinks is innocent but she will BEAT YOUR ASS if she needs to . yes all of this seems bad but theres a reason she is ths way and if you don't take the time to get to know her then your fucking insane , she is worth every good thing and shes a great friend to have she will protect u no matter what
in love shes very clingy like she will be the jealous gf yes but shell never hurt you. She is such a beautiful amazing princess And if u dont love her then your insane. she will forgive u if you ever hurt her but if u hurt her more than 5 times shell make it her life gooal to make your life miserable and youll lose her forever
a:Wow is that jamie?

b:yeah that is jamie

c:shes coming this way!!!

b:yes!! do you think she will talk to me?
by hiluv October 29, 2020
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A Jamie is a person that if you ever meet that you will instantly fall in love! She can be the sweetest thing with a hint of humor and a pinch of fun, all in all she is the closest thing you'll ever get to perfect!! If you ever are lucky to meet a Jamie you should keep her and never let go. She will make your life 10 times better then anything ever has!!
I met a Jamie the other day I can't get my mind off her.
by Jemmy November 29, 2016
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DO NOT SUMMON AT ALL COSTS!!! Jamie is a creature too powerful for this domain. you must stop them before it's too late. USE FIRE.
you: I like this world, I hope it doesn't get destroyed
Jamie: wanna make a deal kid
by bidinobish39 January 17, 2022
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A girl who is like no other, the best friend anyone could ever ask for! Smart, beautiful, courageous, loving, witty, funny are just a few words that describe the kind of person she is. Whoever gets to be her boyfriend is amazingly lucky. She is just an epic but all American girl!
What's up with Jamie today?
by BabyGurlBabbs January 21, 2017
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A Jamie is someone who is quickly and easily envied by others because they are a genuinely kind, caring person. Is bluntly forward and does not yeild to other people's intimidations, which pisses them off and causes them to go online and try to harm Jamie by slandering and lying about these Jamies to the world. Jamie is humble but loud and always gets shit on because people would rather be crazed in jealousy than to get off their fat lazy ass to learn to become a better person like the Jamies out in the world. People who hate Jamie are haters who write insults about themselves but try to portray that Jamie is the one who has those issues and problems with prostitution and all that bullshit when they're the ones who struggle with those problems. Which, anyone who knows a Jamie, especially an asian female Jamie, will tell you that she is far from those things. And only the jealous, ugly loser bitches talk shit behind her back, though cowardice to her face, clearly knowing she is not any of those things that they say she is. She was also once a shy little girl at one point in life, who lived such a hard fucking life that broke her but then made her into the most beautiful thing in the world, that even God had to fall in love with Jamie. And just because all the girls desire the one who loves Jamie, they hate on her and shit on her because they know there is nothing, absolutely nothing that can make him stop loving her.
Michael, "That girl is fucking gorgeous, I bet her name is Jamie."

Lorane, "If her name is Jamie, be careful, she's a fucking slut."

Michael, "You're only saying that because I am so in love with Jamie, it's not even funny.. you're just jealous, get over it."
by InlovewithaJamie October 19, 2011
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Is an amazing dude, he is caring and never fails to make you feel loved, or make you laugh, there is always there when you need him whatever it is, an amazing boyfriend to have
Omg Jamie Is so sweet to me
by Jamie is an amazing dude May 13, 2015
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