Jalen is a very debatable handsome young Man, he only dates 10/10s/ and his gf is always outta his league
Look at Jalen over there with a fine gf
by Jalennnnnnn November 24, 2021
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a light skin who does wheelies on his SE bike and swerve cars in big cities.
Damn BRUUUU look at dah jalen hittin a lick n shii at the bodega he servin them cars and shii
by jalenswervinmadshii September 14, 2021
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He is tall, athletic, and extremely goofy😂. He’s the type of person that can make you smile just by giving you a look. People can sometimes mistake a Jalen as self absorbed, bit on the inside he’s kind, caring, loveable, and sweet...(not to mention he has great hair💀), you should consider yourself sooo lucky to have a jalen in your life- Ashley green
Boy 1- “Who’s the guy that was voted class clown?”
Boy 2- “C’mon that’s Jalen, everybody knows him!”
by Ashley Green😘 October 14, 2020
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Young nigga that came from nothing tryna make millions
look a that mf jalen
by November 22, 2021
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Why are you staring at me with wide eyes and not blinking? You Jalen
by Da’bougieest March 7, 2022
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A group of black people in urban areas who have southern slang
Yo man look at those Jalens just hanging around
by Madmarylander August 27, 2020
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Is so disrespectful and such an Asshole. If you ever come across a mf like jalen run.
I met jalen and he wasn’t shit
by Heh_ April 23, 2022
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