An even shorter form of 'for real.'

The seemingly new way that under 30's tend to reply to social media posts in agreement to it.

'For real!?'

Fo shizzle!
Random post on YouTube - "This is amazing!!"

Typical response from modern youth - "Fr"
by Llewelyn Dowd October 20, 2022
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Commonly used as an abbreviated way to say "for real".

Usually used in texting, as many people use as many abbreviations as possible.
It can be a form of agreement towards someone, or disbelief.
If you use it as disbelief you may put a question mark to emphasize that you're asking if they're being serious.
Friend 1: "yo dawg, my crush asked me out today!"

Friend 2: "fr?"

Ex. 2: )

Friend 1: "Damn it's cold outside, we might freeze to death."

Friend 2: "yeah, fr."
by FloofityOofity12 November 19, 2019
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“Fr” is an abbreviation for “For Real” usually used in texts and online
by SlangMaster101 July 7, 2019
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There's only two ways you can say "fr".

1. Out of pure shock/disbelief.

2. Someone you don't really care about is talking to you and they something semi-interesting but not interesting enough for you to care but you don't want to hurt their feelings so you just go "oh, fr?" with ur tone in voice going slightly up.
A: "Did you know that Sasha got in trouble by Ms. Peters today?"
B: "Oh, fr? Why?"

A: "Apparently Sasha had a one-night stand with Ms. Peter's husband! They're going to get divorced now!"
B: "Oh fr? WAIT, FR?"
by the anonymous turkey October 29, 2020
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It means “for real” just a new way of saying “for real” yeah that basically it
Yo I’m FR broke today I can’t buy no chicken my bad
by SlangMaster101 July 7, 2019
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I can't believe you'd do that, come on man, fr?!
by dawg_modern October 31, 2018
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Free Rkelly
Person 1: Yo bro fr
Person 2: This nigga did not say…
by Saan! January 25, 2022
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