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A Croatian name..very handsome man are called Jakov.
It stands for gentleman,artist,kindhearted,brave,handsome,loveable,sexy person.
Who will give you and help you with everything you need because he is a good person.
Long live Jakov's!!!
Who is that handsome lad?

''Oh,that's Jakov''
by mexico47 October 24, 2013
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Very strong and handsome lad. Always ready for a fight. Gentleman, artist, brave, kindhearted, super hot. Will help you with anything you need, a good friend. The girls are screaming when he passes in front of them. Always the most important person in a group, a leader. He has that stare that literally says don't make me start a fight. Very charismatic and romantic.
I would like to be like Jakov.
What is it? A bird, a plane, oh it's Jakov.
Who is that handsome guy? That's Jakov.
by wikipediaguy May 02, 2018
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Jakov's are usually stoned, Croatian, and have man buns. Extremely tall and terrifying. They are probably not sexy.
He looks baked. He must be a Jakov!
He must have done at least 3 bowls today. He's a Jakov!
by FantisizingAboutYourManBun March 27, 2015
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