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A smart, beautiful, energetic person. Always makes you laugh, someone you always want to be around and can never get enough of!
You'll never guess what Jailyn said today?!!! awwwww <3
by dolcegirl November 08, 2010
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A beautiful and smart girl who always wants to make people feeel good.Jailyn never pressures you into telling you something if you don’t want to.Jailyn knows how to keep her distance if someone she cares about does not want to be bothered.Jailyn is very good at Sports and dancing she is unstoppable
Omg Jailyn is so sweet.
by 100academyGurl October 22, 2017
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Jailyn is a weird human 🤡 Very loud and is a good dancer Jailyn's have funny personality 😂 And is very loving❤️ Jailyn likes getting humped my dogs🐶And mostly fall for boys called Evens😍😩Jailyns are very beautiful, called queen or king by many👸🤴Jailyn had many Bestfrn🔑 And is good at sports🏅🏆Jailyn is very competitive 😏And a good liar😏
U wish I was a Jailyn.
by Gerla April 26, 2017
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A girl who’ll brighten your day. Smart, beautiful, and successful. You’ll easily fall in love with a Jai-lyn. Some Jai-lyn’s have a short temper so don’t get on her bad side. Doesn’t have to work on her cake it comes natural. Overall a wonderful person who you’ll never lose in touch with for years to come and if you do, you’re taking an L.
Person 1“Do you work on your cake at the gym”??
Person 2”No I’m all natural like a Jai-lyn”.🤗
by PandafromATL June 10, 2018
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a smart cool girl who is always acting like she is the boss of everyone. she likes to be queen bee and she never wants to play a game if she isn't on the team with someone she wants to be with. she also can be loud and obnoxious sometimes. she likes to start fights.
by RED_SLAYER22 January 28, 2018
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Jailyns are goofy , weird , & annoying . They are huge freaks ! (Behind the curtains) They steal all the girls mans on accident . Jailyns have all the boys chasing after them . But they stay loyal to their man no matter what . They have good hair & nice skin . Jailyns are unique in a funny way .
Boyfriend : "Jailyn I love you ! You're a freak and I love what we did last night !"
by jailyn101 May 10, 2018
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7 who is afraid to get to have phone sex or fuck with her man. she needs to step it up before he leaves her scary ass!!
2. one who pretends to be a hoe but really isnt because she is scared.
boy: hey baby, you ready to fuck now?
girl: ummm...i don know, im not sure about all of this.
boy: UGH what the fuck!! your such a fuckin jailyn!!!
by chickmagnet18 March 26, 2008
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