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A hella tight girl. super relaxed, chill and has a kind of dirty mind, but still owns it! Jaila doesn't follow crowds, and loves to be friends with whoever. So unique, no baby naming website has a definition. She is one of a kind, very ass kicking and REALLY knows how to shake her booty! Quite a BAMF.
Girl 1: Damn she is one fine dancer!

Girl 2: Must be a Jaila...
by elisimoRm February 28, 2010
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A sexy ass girl that is an undercover freak but will not admit it. Has some bomb ass pussy and is faithful. She has a attitude problem so she can be mean asf at times
Jaila why you so damn mean but fine asf
by Woowwwwtf March 13, 2017
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Hot ,perfect ,Has a smile that will light up a room is shy but can be a fox when it comes to guys also and can shake her hips like know one is around and love her fam but also loves to be alone
She is Beautiful reliable and love to be around that’s why Jaila is important
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by Jjg August 22, 2018
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