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He is a funny person, he likes to joke around and can sometimes be annoying but he couldn't care less. He is just who he is. He has the most amazing smile and has a handsome face that will attract girls (even lesbians) or (your) girl. He is nice and when you ask for something from him, he will most likely give it to you. He is smart and has a great sense of humor but most of the time he acts slow and will daze off while listening, looking at something or doing something. He is very trust worthy and can be trusted to do something for you or anything you need him to do. He doesn't like to judge but when he is provoked he will strike back and hit you with facts like crazy. He is thankful for everything he has. He prays for the best for himself and people he care for. People who finds him "annoying" just doesn't know what they are missing out on.
"Jadon pass by girls "

Person 1: Who he is
Person 2: I don't know but he cute though
by Canudigi May 01, 2017
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Jadon is by far the most supreme being in the existence of the universe. Women (even lesbians) want to be with him, and men want to be him. He is full of glorious powers and wisdom. But when provoked he will cast lighting bolts of holy righteousness upon your punk ass!
Person 1 - "HOLY SHIT, IT'S JADON!"

Person 2 - "OMFG NO WAY!"

by Viking Zombie September 21, 2010
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Jadon is that funny kid who likes to joke around and is a bit of a troublemaker. Some people may find him annoying, but he couldn't care less, he just is who he is. He has the most amazing smile, bet they didn't expect that. Alot of the people who find him "annoying" just don't know what they're missing out on
*Jadon walks in room and sits down*

Teacher- JADON! You're late, now take your hood off and show me your homework!

Jadon- Nahh *leans back in chair and throws something at teacher*

Preppy girl- Ugh he needs to just go die, or at least shut up once in awhile omg he's so annoying....

tomboy- Dude this is my kinda guy, I NEED his number
by ThatOneChick96 December 25, 2011
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With average height and skinny body, Jadon is perfect! He has messy hair wears nice jackets and green or grey eyes.
Jadon's voice is deep and calm but also kind of serious at the same time. Jadon doesn't want a girlfriend but at least 3 girls or more hit him up and ask him out. Sometimes random girls that are older than him asks him out. Some people find him a bit bothersome or annoying but they just don't see that other side of Jadon.
Girls : Is that Jadon? Jesus he is weird.
Other Girls : I think he is alright, I mean just look at him!
by Extonix August 18, 2018
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Poofy haired short guy ,who doesn’t care what people say about him ,but will sometimes destroy that guy in a argument.He is very chill and sometimes weird.likes to have deep conversations and prefers to be unpopular. He hates him self but he is really nice.
Dumbass:Jadon why are you so small
Jadon: first of all very original,second of allwhy is your brain so small
Dumbass : uhhh umm I bet you have a small dick
by Sloth y October 13, 2018
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A radical afro infested being who constantly partakes in the act of 'tricking'. Do not let babies near a Jadon for their lives will be no more. If you hear a Jadon say "LOL" or "Yarr" watchout, this may indicate the start of the mating season, which, of course, you do not want to partake in. If you ever see a Jadon attempt to throw a piece of paper in a bin-like object, GET TO THE CHOPPER, for he will surely miss and implode into a merciless rage, no-one will be spared. Be weary in close quarters, for he is a master of Capoeira, do not approach lightly.
Holy shit it's Jadon! He has a piece of paper! :O

Oh no get to the chopper!! D:
by Ben&Luke August 12, 2010
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What you get when u mix a hobit with a spoon. An interesting and unusual creature that lives under most ordinary people's beds. It is also rumoured that if you bug them whilst in study mode that they wont say happy birthday, even when it is your birthday.
"ZOMG did you see my vomit the other night?

It was such a Jadon"
by Courtney June 19, 2006
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