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A universal term for a cap, or a lie.
Jaden: "I got a 90 on chemistry!"
*He actually got a 72*
People: "JADIS!!!"
by Sorkis February 04, 2019
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Jadis is a sweet,nasty(in a good way) and cute and a very silly girl and loves to have fun and is usually loyal and trusted if she really loves the guy she is with
Woah I have never met a girl like her she must be a jadis
by Jadis April 07, 2015
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A woman of power. A witch. Jadis implies the power to bind and a caring, but relentless sadism.
Jadis is the white witch from the Chronicles of Narnia. Possibly modelled on a a noted Oxford dominatrix of the time that Lewis was writing the Chronicles.
by afcbt February 05, 2010
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A idiotic beautiful and corky girl that loves her friends and family! Everyone loves her so much!
Kamryn: Aye Jadi whats uP!
Jadi: nothing Iā€™m aight

Kamryn: so glad we are friends!!
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A woman of almost magical power who causes great, but irresistable, suffering
My mistress is such a jadis that I can no longer close my legs without moaning
by afcbt February 06, 2010
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someone who is a drama queen, very paranoid, is nosey, controlling, and calls you up when your talking to someone you like and starts talking trash about them.
jerky jadi
by jsg&tas July 13, 2009
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