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Jadie is a very loving girl who try’s to make everyone feel happy. Jadie Might seem happy, but she really isn’t. Jadie has a dark side to herself, but she is very good at hiding it. She doesn’t know how to be happy anymore, but when she does its because of her closest friends.

Jadie doesn’t like showing her emotions very often, because she doesn’t like it when people feel bad for her. When she does cry it’s because something terrible happened. Jadie is a very depressed girl who doesn’t show, but she is. She is a fighter and she doesn’t give up on what she wants to accomplish. But she has tryed to give up, because it’s hard for her to take all the pain that’s been on her.

Jadie is very beautiful and talented and a care giver. She hates it when she sees people sad because it makes her sad. But this girl is fighting a battle, and you need to help her get through it before it’s too late. She will fight until she’s finally happy with someone who treats her well. When you really get to know her she knows how to dance, sing and plays many sports. She will treat you very well because she doesn’t want you to go through the pain she’s gone through. When she finds the right person he/she will be a very lucky person.
Jadie is crying on the inside, and happy on the outside.
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Very hot and talented, can and will get a lot of boyfriends,
has so many friends, so popular, kind of gothic/scene, fave band is bfmv and loves death metal
Jadie is a beautiful girl that has fun
by candyluvri123 July 08, 2009
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