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To be inquisitive or curious. Loves questioning everything and also enjoys a good laugh, especially with friends. Synonyms include: creative, fun-loving, friendly and smiley.

To do a Jadine is to have a great fashion day, because Jadine's always have great style.

Jadine's also have an awesome laugh and don't take rubbish from anyone. Very good at presenting game shows.

Jadine's are very lovable if you are on their good side, but it would not be wise to mess with a Jadine.
Rochelle: I love her dress! She looks great today
Megan: Yeah, she must be a Jadine because of her awesome fashion sense
by Guppy24/7 November 13, 2011
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Jadine Is A Beautiful Nice Sweet Unique Girl. Everybody Wants To Date A Jadine She Is Beatiful And Has A Great Scence Of Style. You Should Always Be Nice To A Jadine And Appreciate You Have A Girl Like Her In Your Life. She Loves Everybody Unless You Get On Her Bad Side. She Dosent Take Rubish From Anyone And If You Rub Stuff In Her Face Your In Luck ;) Jadine Is One Of The Nicest Girls You'll Ever Meet. She Is Tall and always Calls Herself Fat When She's Like A Stick. She Always Wants To Be A Good Girl But Dosent Always Succeed. She Likes Short And Tall Men Mostly That Go By The Name Estevan. She Is A True Friend And A True Lover She Will Give You Her Whole Heart Unless You Break It. She Will Do Anything For Her Friends Especially Close Ones. She Might Make You Mad One Time But At The End It's Impossible Not To Forgive Her.
Boy: Oooooo Who's That Girl !

Other Boy: Must Be A Jadine
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by Jadine May 12, 2018
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The epitome of sexyness, able to give men hard-ons at 50 paces when she wants to.
Gorgeous and with oddly warm skin
"wow, that Jadine is the SEX"
by hindsight21 April 15, 2009
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A total bitch who will get involved in all of your business. Also, if you make friends with her she will fuck up your life like never before. Possibly the worst friend ever, only ever looks out for herself....causes shit for everyone involved with her and is simply a total twat!
woah, look over there, its that bitch jadine causing shit again!
by likeadungeondragon October 14, 2011
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