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Jadin is an adorable dork with a fantastic sense of humor. He never fails to make you laugh. When you’re down, he lifts you up with cute attempts to get a giggle out of ya. His jokes are great, but his caring nature is even greater. Every door you enter, Jadin will be there to open it for you. He’s an utter gentleman and he deserves to be appreciated. Although it may not seem so as first, Jadin has quite the colorful personality. If you actually take the time to get to know him, he becomes even more beautiful to you than he already is. Speaking of beauty, this boys glow up will blow you away, I’m just being honest. Plus, this kid will rant your ear off and you will want to listen, for its adorable and also he tells you the most interesting things. About himself and about his experiences. He’s also very understanding, you can tell him anything and he will comfort you no matter how silly you think the problem is. Not only is he understanding, but he’s very talented. In so many ways is Jadins got talent. No words can describe how much of an amazing person Jadin is and that’s why this definition took so long to write, he’s just too good for this world. Truth is, whether he realizes it or not, he is a masterpiece sent by God to bless this Earth and for that I am sincerely grateful. J.j, if I decide to show you this, happy birthday and thank you for being such an incredible friend. <3
Never have I ever met someone quite like Jadin.
by SupremeJam May 21, 2019

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