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Creative and smart tall boy with a big dick presumably African American and if is is normally tall dark and handsome with a big future if single can be quite the ladies man ,goofy and and has anger issues good with words motivated likes music has a big heart and makes love when having sexual intercourse has a big heart more of a poet but can be be athletic and good morals and friend, bro or girlfriend nothing he wouldn't do for you
That's a jadin
by Super cassonova March 13, 2017
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A mother f-ing ninja master! A round house to the face throwing, stealthy bad A mo fo! They have the midas touch, and if you don't know the terms then look it up!
Did you see that, it was Jadin fast!Oh thats Jadin!
by Rosko p. February 04, 2010
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Jadin Is beautiful, cunning, smart, and nice. She can be a bitch to some people, but it is strictly out of love. She has a big heart, and I love soul.
God, Jadin is so amazing 😍😍.
by Lil_Blue July 17, 2016
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jadin’s the cutest, greatest friend anyone could ever have. she’s undeniably gorgeous, and is a loyal bih. she’s super funny, and can always make you laugh your socks off. she has the most adorable witch laugh, and loves talking back! she’s super trustworthy, and is great at giving advice. she’s super out going, and open to anything, and she loves getting down. she’s flat, but she’s a good dancer. she has a nice witch laugh, and she says words weird. she can be a bih at times, but that’s just her humor, and way of showing she loves you. she’s great with people, but also shy at times. don’t hurt her, or else you’re going to have to get a beating from us. ahahahah!
we love our best friend jadin !!
by grandmalover96 July 24, 2018
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Jadin, is african american boy who has all his homies backs and makes sure they are cool. He loves to play basketball and football. Everyone loves to be around him. Some people hate but he doesnt care. All his family members love him and adore him. He is a perfect boyfriend to have. He always looks fly and on point.
Girl: Did you see Jadin today, he looks sexy and nice.
by A cool kid29 December 12, 2017
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Jadin, an amazing weirdo that also thinks shes ugly and likes art, but looks like a potatoe🥔, also she either loves or hates u, she isn't athletic... Yah she's amazing.
Jadin is the most amazing person everrrrr.....💕
by Jdidjs May 08, 2018
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Jacob is a boy who loves track football and being out side in general. He gets all the girls and is hot as fuck. He plays hard to get. He is a warm hearted kid and is nice to the girls he likes. He is street smart and will protect his friends. But he's not the greatest in school he's considered a bad boy. He is usually around the height of 5'4" and has brown pineapple hair and dark brown eyes that look as dark as the night sky. He wears all name brand clothing and shoes.
Girl: hey who's that boy over there? He's so hot.
Girls best guy friend: that's Jadin, hes my bestfriend
by Jojoisbae May 30, 2017
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