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Makes you better on any game 100% working
John: omg dude how are u so good at csgo
Mark: oh my pc has RGB
by ofrfr December 14, 2020
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comes from Red Green Blue. Used in computer graphics to represent a color with red green and blue values from 0 to 255.
White in RGB is 255.255.255
by scroll_lock January 12, 2006
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Rich Ghetto Bitches

Someone who looks like they just came off Maury or Jerry SpringerRGB
Yo I went to the heights in Smithtown and picked up Michelle, now shes a RGB my nigga

I was at the bar when a RGB that looks like Snooki almost smuthered me in her tits and foul ebonic nigga language and I almost passed out

Person 1: Yo what are you doing tonight I'm going to the abandoned house in the heights
Person 2: I'm chillin in Dix Hills with some RGBs we got a flat screen surround sound hookup its the best
Person 1: "What the fuck is an RGB? You mean computers?"
by Smokey420 November 23, 2011
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Real Good Banter (RGB)
used to describe really good conversation or in some cases life events
"BTW did you heard about that rig phil bought that MMORGP from on Ocau."

jim- "thats RGB"
by jboc October 21, 2008
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Reverse Gravity Bong. Used to smoke weed out of, and it gives you the feeling of anti-gravity.
Damn I took 1 puff from the RGB and i kept falling down every 5 seconds because of the fucked up gravity
by Alisa September 27, 2005
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RGBS, also known as Rofl Gay Butt Sex, is one of the best clans Skulltag has ever seen, and ever will see. Still undefeated to this day, RGBS continues to rape the unsuspecting victims of Skulltag.
by RedShirt786 August 17, 2008
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I bet those boys who like to hug have a ton of rgbs.
No rgbs while my mom is home, she goes to church.
by RGBS August 15, 2006
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