A stupid person who thinks he is “famous” but actually makes cringe “songs”

(AKA Jacob saggytits)
Ayo you guys heard of Jacob saggytits?

You mean Jacob sartorius, he has good songs right

You are no longer my friend Steve


by Jeffboy69 April 29, 2020
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A boy who got famous by musically by body rolling and biting his lip for 9 year olds and then thought he could sing because he lipsynced on musically so much it make him think it's super easy. Then on his first music video sweatshirt a sweatshirt was randomly moving around probably trying to get away from him then later on in life became a loser.
Oh yeah that jacob sartorius kid. He's a elf
by Scammer_gets_scammed March 10, 2019
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13 yr old, who films vines and has like every single social media there is
Jacob sartorius sweatshirt parody-
Bart Baker as Jacob- I’m a really young guy
In fact I am only thirteen
I got famous making shitty Vines
And cringey lipsyncs on Musical.ly
by Fuckingfaggotfucker July 18, 2016
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Jacob sartorius got famous of Vine , Musical.ly and his singing
Loves each of his fans.He is talented and good singer.Also loves chocolate milk.
He is loved by many girls and hated by many boys because he says to girl that none of boys says to girl.He makes girls feel special.
Jacob sartorius is the best
by HiplikeDaniela02 June 21, 2017
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The sweetest man on earth, and the best perdon to have by your side
Example: Jacob is a celebrity and he gives world tours
Jacob sartorius is funny af
by Sglmc October 5, 2017
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