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The state or quality of being a jackass.
Jason constantly fumbled for the poor girl's right breast, only to have his hand removed, or slapped away, repeatedly. It was clear that his jackassity was not appreciated.
by Golden Beaver July 15, 2011
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Person who immulates the attitude/antics of a jackass. Ridiculous, dopey, stubborn, unwillingness to listen to reason. On a whim is prone to big skipping down the sidewalk or hallways at work without a care in the world even when others call out to him/her that his actions totally reflect "JACKASSITY".
Shaniece got two bottles of pop from the fridge and pranced into the livingroom where party-goers were mingling and listening to soft rock. Shaniece danced around the coffee table to Cajun music in her head as
she drank wildly from the two different pop bottles - displaying the act of jackassity. Someone called out, "Enough of this jackassity, I'm leaving!"
by friendfarley February 09, 2010
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