When you are going to engage in some type of drinking activity.
Man last nite at da party we straight pop bottles.
by ^OREO^ November 16, 2007
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pop bottles is when you pop champagne.
pop bottles is another way of saying brains, or head, or oral sex. when saying pop bottles, it is usually meant that the man is going to recieve brains.

last night i gave jordan pop bottles. he liked it so much that i had to stop becuase he almost exploded in my mouth.
by LOLLIPOPxLOVER July 24, 2008
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to open an alcoholic beverage (to drink liquor)
yo man are we popping bottles today with all dem fine ass hoes? they gonna get wasted
by Madsdkillzdc December 15, 2007
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The official mascot of Skidway Lake, Michigan. He searches for bottles day and night and seems to always have a beer in his hand.
I asked pop bottle joe to sing me a song and gave him a bottle in return.
by Nightmarebeforechristmas November 30, 2017
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A pair of glasses with lenses as thick as a pop bottle bottom. Without that pair of glasses on the person can only tell if it's night or day.
Dirty Dave is completely blind without his pop bottle glasses on.
by JoeyBomm March 7, 2021
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A great girl. She's beautiful,sexy,amazing,kind, understandinh, outgoing, passionate, horny goat and you will never experience a dull moment with pop bottle... She's my wife and I bet she's reading this now😏😏😘
by Quantran April 8, 2018
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