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Is of english origin, it is one of the rarest variations of Shanice, It is Yochana or a Hebrew name meaning "GODS GRACE", RARE(so if found hold on), A daddy's little girl, can be one of the boys (tomboy), but flosses up gorgeously, Has a big booty, and sometimes exotic eyes, very quiet, extremely shy, mysterious, very beautiful, very intelligent, mostly underestimated, Never single for long but is a one man woman, Gives her all in every aspect, and is a very mature young women. Very clean and classy, but don't be fulled, you may be bad, but this chick right here can be ONE BAD BITCH. She will fight you in a hot minute if u mess or talk about her dearest ones. Usually feels every emotion known to man kind, but is skilled at hiding them at inappropriate times. She is the most delectable fruit u will ever taste, if she grows on you right. Not easily intimidated. Loves playing and watching sports, Down for what ever. Loves to try new things, and is one of the greatest mother figures in the world, mostly has a boys as their first child.
girl: Did u see that girl try to play shaniece at the club?

other girl: OMG! yeah... shaniece was soo classy, but then that girl talked bout her child? smh

girl: Yeah, do you know when her and her lil potna gettin out of the hospital?

other girl: girl Naw, im surprised shaniece let them get to the hospital.
by Shanice (1973- ) US R&B singer November 12, 2010
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