A total stud that gets all of the b*tches and has fresh cakes. Also has a big c*ck.
by TheKidAca7 April 07, 2017
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Spanish for cross.

A gorgeous petite woman that every man needs in their lives. Cruz is chill, funny and asks for nothing - therefore she deserves everything. People always tell their dirty secrets to her. Ask her for something & she'll get it. She is interesting. Cruz gets along with everyone.
Did hear about !@#$%?

No, I didn't but you should probably ask Cruz!
by Larry Castle October 23, 2013
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To be dumb, to philosophize using mundane and absurd opinions, to be missing part of a brain, to voice theories to the public that make no sense.
1) Cruz of the day: An infant must not assume that his mother's milk is the first milk to be drank, he must investigate the ancestry and dig deeper.
2) Cruz of the week: There are people on his earth who have not read the bible, the bible is not only the word of god but in a sense it is god's first novel... contemplate that
3) That was the dumbest thing I have ever heard, you sound like a Cruz.
by Squadsman February 07, 2014
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