A Youtuber Known For Humping Plants, Looking At Youtube Analytics, Playbuttons And His Past Days Of Tooting His Kazoo At Hackers On Minecraft.
P1: "Hey do you remember Jacksucksatlife?"
P2: "Yeah he was the person who humped a plant!"
by Lukasucksatdefinitions April 30, 2020
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JackSucksAtLife is a notoriously known YouTuber for his trends of bullying children over minecraft and putting Kazoos as deep into his throat as possible.
I got a sore throat from trying that JackSucksAtLife magic Kazoo trick last week
by SkinnyPeanut December 27, 2018
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Memeulous is ok but id rather watch JackSucksAtLife any day.
by Kiers12 December 17, 2019
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A big boy youtuber who seems to also be a thief.

Reported crimes:
Stolen KSI’s diamond play button.
Stolen Skeppy’s gold play button.
Hey look, there is JackSucksAtLife!”
“Run! Don’t go to him! He will steal your channel!”
by BigBoyCarson August 6, 2020
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A Minecraft YouTuber who has over 1million subscribers. He most recently collaborated with YouTuber memeulous.
Person 1: Ah did you see JackSucksAtLife collaborate with Memeulous??
Person 2: Damn, I didn’t..send the link pls
by I can make your life hell... December 17, 2019
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JackSucksAtLife is a youtuber, formerly JackSucksAtMinecraft who made primarily minecraft videos, however now makes analytics videos. His full name is Jack Massey Welsh, and he became famous for his hacker trolling. He has recently made several other accounts and is a pretty lit guy :). Jack has had many characters and people on his channel, such as Becky (his long-term girlfriend), Flossy and Kong (his dogs), his editor Kai, Thomas (editor for JackSucksAtStuff), Wilbur Soot and Jesus (J-Dawg). I love Jack's videos and he's extremely funny.
Guy: Yo did you see that new JackSucksAtLife video?
Girl: No, send a link, I'd love to see it!
by Rhi M May 1, 2020
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Best YouTuber ever to exist, Best mates with the Alpha Male George Memeulous.

Has 8 Legit YouTube playbuttons.

Gets loads of bitches at the club
"Hey! Did you Watch the new JackSucksAtLife Video?"

"Yes! JackSucksAtLife is sooooo Funny "
by saniel124 May 26, 2020
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