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A Youtuber Known For Humping Plants, Looking At Youtube Analytics, Playbuttons And His Past Days Of Tooting His Kazoo At Hackers On Minecraft.
P1: "Hey do you remember Jacksucksatlife?"
P2: "Yeah he was the person who humped a plant!"
by Lukasucksatdefinitions April 29, 2020
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by James Messina August 11, 2006
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JackSucksAtLife is a notoriously known YouTuber for his trends of bullying children over minecraft and putting Kazoos as deep into his throat as possible.
I got a sore throat from trying that JackSucksAtLife magic Kazoo trick last week
by SkinnyPeanut December 27, 2018
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A big boy youtuber who seems to also be a thief.

Reported crimes:
Stolen KSI’s diamond play button.
Stolen Skeppy’s gold play button.
β€œHey look, there is JackSucksAtLife!”
β€œRun! Don’t go to him! He will steal your channel!”
by BigBoyCarson August 06, 2020
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Jacksucksatlife is a youtuber commonly known for harmony hollow and hacker trolling. He is a funny youtuber and will stop at nothing to get his kazoos and eggplants. Overall he is strange, has the strangest habits but is an overall good person.
Jacksucksatlife is a good youtuber.
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A Minecraft YouTuber who has over 1million subscribers. He most recently collaborated with YouTuber memeulous.
Person 1: Ah did you see JackSucksAtLife collaborate with Memeulous??
Person 2: Damn, I didn’t..send the link pls
by I can make your life hell... December 17, 2019
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