Jack is an amazing person who can always make you laugh. He is sincere and kind and has awesome taste. Jack can read you like a comic book but only if he knows you well. Jack is smart and mature for his age, but can be funny and play around too.
Me: Hey, did you meet Jack?
Friend Oh yeah! He's cool. What about him?
Me: Well he's so nice and funny. I think I like him.
Friend: That's awesome! Jack is really fun.
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A name describing an indescribably sexy man. A guy who, unconsciously, can easily get every female in the room aroused with just a casual glance in their general direction.
Men with this name are usually vertically elongated and proportioned in all the right places.

'Jacks' are always destined for greatness. They can pwn anyone at any game when they set their minds to it, and when it comes to performance in the bedroom, they are rarely classified less than exceptional.
Boys like these are hard to find. And when found, and tamed, turn into sex crazed beasts, bent on completely and totally pleasing their finder to the point of no return. Jack's are loyal creatures, and their finders tend to want to hold on to them, as the pleasure they give is very scarce.
Did you see that sexbean over there? What a Jack!

Girl 1: Ohmygoooooodness. Did you see that guy over there? He looked at me! EEE!
Girl 2: I know! I'm hot and bothered in all the wrong places!

Girl 1: What about your boyfriend?
Girl 2: Who cares! LOOK AT THAT PIECE OF MEAT!
Girl 1: Must be a Jack.
by Hot&Bothered March 25, 2011
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1) Irish slang for toilet. Derived from Union Jack, the British flag.

2) Term referring to Dubliners, since they uphold British traditions more than any others in Ireland. The name comes from when they waved Union Jack flags during a visit from the Queen.
1) Lads, I'm bursting for the jacks.

2) Ah, fuck. A bunch of jacks.
by Snake July 08, 2005
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Someone you're either bffs with or sworn enemies with
Ex 1: I met Jack today and we're practically best friends already!
Ex 2: I fucking hate you Jack and will do anything to destroy you.
by itz_kidz October 02, 2016
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Jack is the sexiest guy you'll ever know. :) When he smiles, I smile. His gorgeous eyes give me chill bumps. His athletic abilities make me stare in awe. The way he adores me lets me know I'm not going to lose him anytime soon! β™₯
I love Jack!!!
by Jack β™₯ September 10, 2011
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well he's super hot and always truthful!!! has super sexy hair and the body of a swimmer . he also will have the biggest sense of humer!!! i love him and were dating just he dosen't know it yet!!! he's the best thing that ever happened to me!!! both of us know we will be 2gether 4 ever!!!!!!!!! we both love each other but it's just hidden!! i love my jack<3!!!!!
ME: hey Jack , do u want 2 hang out 2night???

Jack: sure!!
by iluvme!! April 12, 2011
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A complete twat.
Only applies to British jacks though.
by 5789 December 11, 2017
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