Jack can be a bit of a pedo or a perv sometimes... well actually most of the time. Yes, he’ll talk about people’s dicks, yes he’ll say he’ll shag the person to his right but he can be a bit of a sweetheart too, he’s always been there for me when i needed someone to talk to and yes he may just randomly fucking leave in the middle of a conversation but he has always been a shoulder to cry on and i know i can always trust him. At first you may not think he is special but give it some time and he’ll act like himself.
Me: Hey jack... could i talk to you for a minute..?
Jack: Sure whats wrong
Me: Well i just have so much stress on me right now with people calling me a slut or whore, and after jacob breaking up with me and all this stress and secrets i dont know who i can trust anymore
Jack: Dont worry, you did nothing wrong, its them not you. If they want to say you’re a slut or a whore it means they have nothing better to do in their life than mess with yours. Plus, you can always trust me

Me: Thanks but what abou-
Jack: *fucking evaporated*
by Turquoise_wølf February 6, 2020
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The most popular name in the UK for males.

Usually present in amazing lads who have great personalitys, great looks and a strong character. Jack the Lad....one who is up for a laugh always
you a Jack The Lad
Jack your a dude.
by jrwoodie April 2, 2008
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The coolest guy in the entire world. Blue eyes, brown hair. Tall and muscular, ticklish. And he rocks!
by all of mankind and the sun February 7, 2010
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An amazing guy, makes any girl feel like the luckiest person ever - tall and strong can pick you up despite you not thinking he can. He knows how to make you laugh and has a lovely character - If you are not careful, you will spend hours on the phone to him or when you are with him you can see through his eyes - depite their awesome sexiness
If you are so lucky to meet a "jack" you will spend countless hours with him and find yourself with a most esteemed companion even though he can be cheeky sometimes......
may have a badboy past but thats ok because he is easily changed with his own mistakes
damn! you met a jack!!!!!
by Sunnies January 17, 2011
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The hottest most sexiest guy on the planet. a real comedian, but sometimes doesn't stop talking. has the hottest eyes, hair, and body. a swimmer.
by OMGHELLO February 5, 2010
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Jack is a weird human, who's face scares a lot of children, he's the type of guy you just don't want to be around, but is also a sick guy, with a really fit girlfriend you just want to fuck
That boy is a right jack
by Baconislife July 13, 2017
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Highly Attractive and Sexually Intriguin Individual. An "Ultimate Sex God"
by JackSharples April 20, 2009
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