Its an action of pulling a super slick CIAish move like Jack Bauer from 24. When you pull a Jack its something amazing that will save your or the whole world. When you Jack it means that you have just made a BEAST move or you have achieved superiority. When you pull a Jack it means that you have gotten yourself out of something that no one else could've except for Jack Bauer-Kiefer Sutherland
Wow he went all Jack on his ass
Yeah dude you just wonder why the police keep chasing him
I don't know all i know is man he is amazing
Yeah he always pulls a JACK
by beast23chicago March 28, 2009
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total asshole in the best way. doesn't know when to stop ; yet never needs to. funny, sexy, crazy, and all around amazing. amazing in bed, you'll be coming back for more. you'll hate him but love him at the same time. can't live with him ; can't live without him. can always always always make people laugh & you will always catch a smile on his face. fly, high swag, unmistakable. when you see him, you'll know. all around GOD. boss @ life.
guy 1: yo, you see that guy right there? he's the king.
guy 2: yeah, he has to be a Jack.
by killLaa. June 16, 2010
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jack is a boy very few meet, he is one of a kind nobody else can compare to a boy like him. he will always make you smile even if you are having the worst day ever he’s face and he’s cute little smile will always brighten up your day. he’s soooo funny too he’s cute lil jokes make you have the biggest smile that never leaves your face. alothough you don’t see him a lot you still know he is the one for you. he is the perfect boy. i love you jack green
jack is so adorable nothing or no one can say otherwise
by jack’s girl <3 December 15, 2018
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Jacks usually have feelings for a person but they are too shy to tell them. The people they like probably like somebody else but they don't care. He is smart, funny, awesome, handsome, and doesn't care about what other people say about him. If you know a Jack you are one lucky person to be his friend! :)
Person 2. I thought you were sad
Person 2. I was just talking to a Jack
by NotMr.Phantom March 11, 2019
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Jacks are the sweetest, kindest most amazing guys you’ll ever meet. They’re hilarious and will always turn your darkest days into the brightest ones. If you manage to be great friends with a Jack then boy you’re lucky. Jacks will always be there for you and listen to what you have to say. They’re super athletic and cute but super humble at the same time. Jacks will always help you out, they’re very intelligent and logical. They’re just amazing. Jacks are one of a kind and will make you feel so special. If you ever find one, don’t ever let them go. If you do then that would be a terrible terrible mistake
Damn, that’s a Jack alright!
by Zaranatar May 06, 2018
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jack is a hot, fit human bean who is normally quite small but their lover doesn't care because they love him for him and no one would ever want to lose him if they had him. jack is amazing and the sparkle in his eyes capture people. everyone falls in love with him

but wait until his lover finds out loads of people want their jack.
jack is a fit boy whos girlfriend loves so much
by yourlover23.3.18 June 19, 2019
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