A fan of "Jack Johnson"

Often seen wearing birks or sandals while chillin' in the quad with his backward-baseball-cap-wearing "BROS"
by genldick January 07, 2008
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Beat your meat, whack off, give it a good wank, rub one out, give it a good rogering.
Also, to fuck around in a playful fashion. And or serious.
Jed never listens in class, he's such a jack off.

Roger was feeling spring had sprung and on a whim he ended up jacking off,
Hey Jack off are you looking for trouble?
by Davey Didoe April 13, 2018
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One who your father-in-law disapproves of to marry his daughter.
Billy D: Matt’s a jackoff. Don’t marry him.
via giphy
by BIGfish50 May 14, 2020
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An idiot who is generally disliked by the majority
Jesus, that guy Tom over there can be a real jack-off
by foreplayman February 22, 2019
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Jackoff .. Is a person who thinks they are something and knows they’re not . Someone who chimes in on conversation with information About the subject that Is completely wrong and has zero clue as to what they are talking about . Someone who is Always wrong with the information they give you and is also the most Annoying person you know . Someone who talks a big game but never delivers along with constant empty promises . People that make plans and don’t show up . Someone that tells you they are calling you right back but they don’t . A Person who tells you That they are going to help you with a favor on a specific date but never do . Some one who is completely unreliable..
What happened with Fred on sat didn’t he say he was going to help you move ? I called him 5 times and sent him texts he never answered .. wow .. what a jackoff !!
by Steele February 06, 2019
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