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To cheese someone is to place cheese on this person's head or in this person's hair. Any kind of cheese can be used for cheesing, though there is a venerable tradition of using warm, partly melted swiss or provolone.
Fuckabout 1: Go on, you have to cheese him soon!

Fuckabout 2: .... OK. <puts cheese in man's hair>

Man from Kent: You are a FUCKING DISGRACE!


Fuckabouts 1&2: Have you seen someone who could use this food? We cheesed some high-strung geezer earlier and now we're trying to do something good for someone to make up for it.

Woman: You what?

Fuckabouts 1&2: We put cheese in a man's hair.

Woman: Oh, you cheesed him. You are a couple of fuckabouts -- it's douchy to cheese someone. You've to set your karma right by helping the homeless.
by nb c lo August 14, 2009
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