Can be used as a noun to refer to a guy who wastes time, is a complete loser, and cannot get anything done. This guy may well be popular with friends, the ladies, and whomever he meets, but has never accomplished anything and never will. Anything he has tried to achieve has ended up in disaster.
That Kramer on Seinfeld sure is funny even if he is a complete jack off.

Steve, did you complete the final report so you can graduate from high school next week?

No. I'm such a complete jack off that I never get anything done.

Smoking pot will really just turn you into a lazy jack off.
by achyhead November 22, 2005
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to grad the base of the penis and slowly pull to the tip repeatably till you orgasm.
nick: how the date man? john: bad she didnt show i had to jackoff all last night. nick:oh.
by zsadist 28 May 02, 2011
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Same as "jerk off" (masturbate); also used as a noun to reference a feckless, no-account person, usu. male.

Up until the 1980s, "jack off" was considered more a Southern (USA) locution than "jerk off," which was considered more urban and Northeastern/Midwestern states. Considerable swapping around has taken place in the meantime, probably because of increased social mobility and relaxed codes of censorship.
1)...All little Timmy can talk about is sex. If I weren't so polite, I'd have told him to go get laid, or to jack off in a corner...

2)...'If y'all boys didn't jack off so much, you might amount to something.'... (closet-case coach to members of the high-school basketball team in 1971 movie THE LAST PICTURE SHOW).
by al-in-chgo April 10, 2011
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to masturbate; a jerk; an asshole; Dale Ross; one who manipulates; brainwasher; penis
That jack-off just served you with court papers.
by pissedasfuk April 19, 2009
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a person who was not worth being born, an asshole, a person who should have been a blow-job.
That jack-off owes me money.
by blade January 09, 2004
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Look at porn and rub your dick because you cant actually get any real pussy.
Zach cant get sex so he went to "jack off"
by hambone_shs94 July 29, 2009
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