1. Verb. Exercising the art of masturbation
2. Verb. To create an orgasm simulating another sexual partner with the hand or other masturbating aids (e.g. fleshlight, hand, dildo)
3.Noun. An asshole, homo, or otherwise retard who's by calling them a jack-off is saying that they shouldn't have been born and was a waste of sperm which is a jack-off
4.Noun. A waste of sperm produced by the art of masturbation
Tom is a porn addict, therefore he likes to jack-off.

Tom jacks off in public for everyone to view therefore he is a jack-off.

Tom likes to jack-off so much his girlfriend has nothing to do but, jack-off.
by Tom February 27, 2006
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1. The action a guy is doing when masturbates.

2. A person who is a motherfucking asshole dipshit. Basically. Also can be called a Jerkoff. (See 'Jerkoff' for more information.)

3. A nickname you give to someone named "Jack".
1. I had some good porn in front of me, so I just had to jackoff to it.

2. Guy: *Slaps girls ass*
Girl: Damnit! You're such a Jackoff!

3. For Jack's birthday, I gave him a card that said "To Jackoff"
by FangPawnFire December 31, 2008
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Jakum had a boner in pe so he went to the toilet but when he arrived he saw a Jack off centre!

There were boys relieving themselves everywhere! He got his big dick out and jacked off ! He wanked his dick until he shot a load out !

A few minutes later the pe teacher arrived , his face droped but he joined in the wanking club. !
by yep9 July 20, 2014
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1. Adjective: When a person or a group of people mess around and get absolutely nothing accomplished and just have fun. No sexual conduct of any kind is made.

2. Verb: When one decides to rub their genitals; See Masturbate, Masturbation. Sexual conduct can be made.
Example 1:

Guy 1: Hey man, you should join our Rugby Team, all we do is jack off during practice. It'll be fun

Guy 2: What kind of jacking off? Throw balls at each other? or just mess around and have fun?

Guy 1: Yeah, mess around man, not masturbate

Example 2:

Guy 1 sticks hand in pants and grabs genitals

by whathe12 November 12, 2011
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Noun: A person, either male or female, who wastes a car salesperson's time when that salesperson could be doing something either more constructive or entertaining. Used as the strongest epithet for a non-buyer in the retail automotive industry.
"Would you believe that fucking Jack-off had Johnny test drive him in three cars then left without so much as a writeup!!" Also, "Beat it, you Jack-off!" Frequently shortened to "Jack", such as "What a Jack!"
by daxwes September 18, 2009
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