A boy who went viral singing stitches at school and is now in a band called Why Dont We with 4 of his best friends ; Super cute!:)
Have you heard Zach Herron sing?
by wayhoo July 19, 2017
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Zach Herron started as a social media influencer. He then became a part of a group called Why Dont We. The group is growing rapidly in followers and getting bigger by the second. Zach Herron is the youngest member. (Hottest one in my opinion *wink wink*) Zach Dean Herron also went viral by singing stitches at school. But he's best known for his band.
Zach Herron is from Why Don't We.

Zach Herron is the youngest member of Why Don't We.

Zach Herron, @whydontweboi

Zach Dean Herron
by Instagram whydontweboi August 10, 2017
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Zach Herron is the cutest and the most adorable human being in existence. He's the youngest member of the hottest boy band in the history Why Don't We. His voice is so perfect. My heart melst when i look at his eyes. Idk what to say he's just the most perfect guy.
Person:Did you see Zach Herron's new post on instagram?
Me:Duhh,what do you think I do all day?
by Girlfriend material February 4, 2018
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Zach Herron is apart of the popular boyband 'Why Don't We'. He is cute and hot mixed in one, with a outgoing personality that is likeable to almost anyone.
"You see that cute and hot guy over there?"


"That's Zach Herron. Isn't he just great?"
by ya_gurl April 16, 2018
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Zach if u ever see this follow me on insta @loviinherron (fan account)
Zach Herron is an amazing guy he is super funny and has an amazing voice, he’s super cute, and makes me smile all the time, About 2 years ago I remember seeing a video of him singing stitches my Shawn Mendes and that’s when I feel in love with him and his voice
by Loviinherron April 8, 2018
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