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An angel that has accidentally been placed on this earth!! 1/5 of band why don’t we
by Wdw_angel May 06, 2018
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a beautiful boy, loves watermelon, has a cute tooth gap, in an AMAZING band called Why Don't We(BEST BAND IN THE UNIVERSE.)
Daniel Seavey is a full course meal!!!!!
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by heidi.kissss June 14, 2018
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Cutest singer in band Why don't we and the greatest contestant that ever auditioned on American Idol; The most cutest 17 year old alive
Me:"Hey did you hear about the new band Why don't we? "

Her:"Yeah Daniel Seavey is soo cute I love him so much.
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The cutest boy EVER, and part of a band called Why Don’t We. He is the definition of perfect, from his blue eyes to his tooth gap, he is perfect. He loves everyone and is very lovable. His voice is so angelic and he can play ALOT of instruments
Sentence 1: Daniel Seavey is perfect.
Sentence 3: I love you Daniel Seavey!
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by carmen_seavey June 19, 2018
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Daniel Seavey is a snack made up in the heavens pure gold talented king he can bend jade Victoria thornton over his tour bus and show her who’s boss anyday the godly dad
A snack? I just saw Daniel Seavey yesterday
by _jxdeeee_ on instagram February 14, 2018
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The sexist member of the band "Why Don't We". Who is also the best contestant to ever be on American Idol. He I truly a gift from god!
Friend:You like a boy band?
Me:Yes, ever heard of "Why Don't We".
Friend:Oh yeah Daniel Seavey is hot !
Me:back off my man.
by Daniel Seavey's Wife June 05, 2018
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