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A great guy Jeb will defend you(his gf)no matter.he's extremely kind but can be s serious badass if needed.he's not a trouble maker and someone you want your parents to meet. In all you are not going to find a better guy than Jeb
Girl:"Jebs pretty cool don't you think?"
Guy:"hell no he beat da shit out of johny"
by jedadoyle June 08, 2015
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a womans breasts.
used commonly by belfastians.
'jebs on her'
'qwere seta jebs'
by Trimble December 16, 2004
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(n.) Filipino slang for poop, crap, stool, feces. a.k.a. tae
Ang laki ng jebs mo pards! (dude, you crap's humongous!)

My secret weight loss diet? 3 J's man, I jog, I jebs, I jackol! lol
by eeenvy January 20, 2011
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Jeb: commonly used in reference to ones bell end.
also can be used to insult/describe someone and their jebtastic abilites
That chav over there is such a jeb!
by scotty! April 23, 2006
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This word can be used for anything as long as you know how to use it.
What the jeb?

Are you jebbin me?

Are u a fucking jeb?

Just jebbing around.

Jebbin off

^you get the idea
by Jeb Bender March 06, 2008
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The third action in a series that leads to complete loss, after two previous related actions were not heeded as warnings. Similar to a third strike in baseball, except the stakes are much higher with a Jeb.
In 2016, America could Jeb itself into nonexistence if it doesn't recognize the pattern of destruction that voting foolishly has cost us.
by Jarod Kintz October 01, 2015
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A short handsome man with an incredibly large penis who is always the life of the party(usually hated on by men of larger stature). A man who is charasmatic and can use his charm and humor to obtain whatever he desires including your girlfriend.
I was talking to this really hot girl until this jeb came over and stole her from me. When going to talk to women is always good to have a Jeb as your wingman.
by Mini Pimp February 18, 2010
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