a womans breasts.
used commonly by belfastians.
'jebs on her'
'qwere seta jebs'
by Trimble December 16, 2004
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(n.) Filipino slang for poop, crap, stool, feces. a.k.a. tae
Ang laki ng jebs mo pards! (dude, you crap's humongous!)

My secret weight loss diet? 3 J's man, I jog, I jebs, I jackol! lol
by eeenvy January 20, 2011
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We are going over to the gazeebo to rip ripperson jebs.
by Rip Ripperson January 04, 2011
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Acting cowardly in the face of possible defeat.
Leicester could have won but Bristol jebbed it and wouldn't bring Afoa back on to scrummage so they went to uncontested scrums the cowards.
by vibrosquirrel June 07, 2021
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A great guy Jeb will defend you(his gf)no matter.he's extremely kind but can be s serious badass if needed.he's not a trouble maker and someone you want your parents to meet. In all you are not going to find a better guy than Jeb
Girl:"Jebs pretty cool don't you think?"
Guy:"hell no he beat da shit out of johny"
by jedadoyle June 06, 2015
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Jeb: commonly used in reference to ones bell end.
also can be used to insult/describe someone and their jebtastic abilites
That chav over there is such a jeb!
by scotty! April 23, 2006
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