Pronounced as Ja-an

the word Jaan has its roots in the Sanskrit/Urdu Language.

the translation of the word is 'Life'

The term is has two primary usages:
1) can be used as a term to express life, personal to you as an individual.

2) is widely used as a term in East Asian countries as a way to addressed your beloved one. The person you love becomes your everything your life, therefore the ancient sages and habitants of EA began calling their partners/lovers/spouses Jaan as a way to express their deep affection for them. Usually, your Jaan would have the following characteristics:
- they complete you
- they are always in your mind, thoughts, heart
- they care deeply for you
- they love you
- they are kind, genuine, sweet, caring, understanding, honest, loyal, faithful
- no matter how wonderful and unwonderful times are, they always stand by you
- they have big hearts
- they make your heart skip beats
- you would do anything for them
- they are the reason you smile day in day out
- you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with them
- they gift you with goodies such as hugs, kisses and comfort
- you can see in their eyes a sincerity
- they are your best buddy
- you can share with them anything and they are trusted
- you love them with all your heart
- you can't imagine life with out them
- they are your life

*(Include but are not limited to the above)
look at those two over there eating carrot sticks... she is definitely his Jaan

Daniel thank you for everything you've given me, my jaan

micky mouse was minnie mouse's jaan, just as Romeo was Juliet's
by spikenotsolee June 13, 2010
It means Darling in Desi slang..
Other words that can be used are Jaaneman
Hi Jaan (Darling) Kaise Ho (How are you)..
by Dude from NC September 9, 2007
Japanese informal word for Good Bye.
A: Sore-de-wa mata ashita! (See you tomorrow)
B: Jaane! (Bye bye)
by olla April 29, 2008
A rezzed out Navajo with rezzed out qualities. Someone who speaks and does outlandish things such as saying"ayyy" or "sheeh" during important topics. A person who will humiliate their family and relatives in front of other people. A Navajo who usually thinks he/she isn't rez, usually one who spaces out or is clueless most if the time, or isn't too sharp. Someone very shy or someone who acts all bad. A loud, obnoxious, always shameless, and sarcastic individual with a strong sense of humor and jealousy.
I met a guy from Tuba City. He was real jaan. I had to keep from laughing.
Oh no... Just jaan.
by Jaan Boy December 21, 2019
Yeah, I wish my name was jaan so I could satisfy my girlfriend.
by Definitely not named jaan November 15, 2018
A smart kid who likes everything to be his way
This should be done like how I'm doing it

Why are you being a Jaan
by MemeulousesSon345 May 19, 2019
meri jaan is urdu for my life.
'meri' means mine or my and 'jaan' means life.
by urdu01 April 27, 2009