Nickname for someone with the initials J and W
J Dub was in my english class.
J Dub loves to play basketball after school with us.
by Jessie B. August 15, 2005
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Short for JWH-018, the main synthetic chemical in legal herbs such as K2, Spice, etc. Has similar, if not more intense, effects of THC. Banned in many states and countries. Known to cause brain tumors.
Derek: Hey I drove all the way to Florida and brought K2 with me.
Thomas: Does it contain J Dub?
Derek: Hell yeah!
Thomas: We're gonna get so f**ked up and get the tumor time!
by andrewn1919 December 20, 2010
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Name for any sort of STD. The person carrying the STD won't be aware of what you and your friends are talking about if you use this term, the term was first used in Coudersport, Pa in chemistry class. You can accompany the term with puking and gagging noises. Can be referring to the person carrying the virus, the actual virus or the whole situation.
did you hear about the J DUB? (insert puking noise)
There he/she is! The J DUB! (insert puking noise)
Man you slept with her? You got the J DUB (insert puking noise)
by Johnny wall March 11, 2011
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see hideout also SGT. Spongetongue
J Dubs Rocks too.
by SimGirl April 05, 2004
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Slang and short for someone Jewish, as in a "Jay E Double U". Instead of spelling it out, it's shortened to "J Dub".
Brett acted like a J Dub after losing in Texas Hold 'Em.
by j-led January 21, 2006
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