J grimes is an artist thats versatile in his music sound as he’s also a talented guitarist and pianist. Aka “junior grimes (Logan)”

Most of his songs are either mediocre or surprisingly decent but that’s about it. he’d be amazing if he put in more effort though but J’s is too damn big to take advice from anyone.

Notorious for being an ex male stripper and former PI but that’s another story.

Famous for being offensive and having no regard for what society thinks of his daring behavior. Kid with a beard who got his start by doing soundcloud music and YouTube videos also he makes comics books. Believes he’s the notorious BIG reincarnated do with that what you will.

lives by himself and relies on willybone to maintain the professionalism and artist setup because J grimes wouldn’t be able to manage his own music by himself unsurprisingly

Also known for appearing on dr phil as the real life wolverine.
J grimes: allow me to bless the world with my greatness

Girls in crowd: woooooo!

Talented music producer: your trash and you’ve got zero talent

J grimes: excuse me ?

Talented music producer: your a talentless hack, no one likes you

Girls: who gives a shit he’s hott as hell! Take off your shirt J!

J grimes: ;)

Talented music producer: *facepalms*

J Grimes’s fan girls don’t care as long he’s shirtless

“Junior Grimes” | J Grimes
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A pretty good rapper/singer that deserves the praise he gets since it’s not easy being a rockstar wannabe trapped in regular boring society. this junior grimes kid represents the kid in all of us; young and so full of life but at the same time relatable, outcast and rebellious.

There truly is no one like J grimes/junior grimes


Record deal producers: aight team let’s scoop up some new artists

Person 1: what about j grimes?

Person 2: nah that boy got a bad image, and this coming from someone who’s seen it ALL

Record producer: I guess, anyone but j grimes, right?

Person 2: hell yeah man, J grimes is a bad influence, fuck him


Gas station clerk: hello how are you?

J grimes: aye yo lemme get a puff bar

Gas station clerk: wait a sec I know you, gtfo my store blondie

J grimes: wtf?

Other customers: this guys music blows!

Gas station clerk: you heard the people, get him!

J grimes: oh shite
by Obselection August 29, 2021
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Australian-Spanish rapper aka “junior Grimes” (Logan) who looks like either a school shooter or homeless bad boy..

makes music and/or YouTube videos usually pertaining to his criminal versatility or dangerous behavior. He’s possibly a wannabe rockstar and failed artist but 100% a successful outcast criminal

Also a part time secret meme lord

Known for songs “she be simpin” , “radioactive rage” , “Star Wars diss track” , “bella chick mixtape” and etc,
j grimes: im makin moves in da underground

Rap fanbase: ugh


j Grimes is a decent rapper and shows promise but best apply himself or fade into obscurity
by It’s meee biitchh! July 23, 2021
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the illicit and infamous junior grimes. Forever immortalized as an unwanted force of cringe and offensive humor

An Internet superstar and failed artist, has blonde hair and the eyes of a psychopath but somehow looks innocent.

known for being the worst of all idols and the last person one should get to know.
J. GRIMES is an animal in bed- every girl ever


Guy 1: damn j grimes stole my girl again

Guy 2; yo you gotta keep an eye on your girl bro

Guy 1: yeah I know
by Mysticmindset August 6, 2021
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Wolverine + SoundCloud rapper = junior grimes (j grimes)
J grimes was a SoundCloud that moved on to ACTUALLY making music even though he’s more of a rockstar

J grimes is a british rapper that puts every US rapper to shame with his malicious rhymes

J grimes © music
by Condom creators October 18, 2021
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Shameless rapper/singer from underground rap scene.
j grimes got his Start as a YouTuber and produced his own shitty beats in a basement

If rapper outcast had a face it would be junior grimes (j grimes)

J grimes offends everybody but is charming enough despite still managing to piss off every rapper he runs into
by Wankers rage January 19, 2022
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British-australian rapper actor and youtuber. Best known for his cringey songs “she be simpin” , “bella chick” and “radioactive rage

quite infamous for his controversial behavior/personality and criminal versatility he’s pretty much Johnny bravo in modern day.

J. Grimes is at its core, a SoundCloud rapper but something keeps popping up that distinguishes him from the rest and many are not sure if it’s a good thing or bad thing.

his music is inconsistent, unpredictable and raw but that’s just objective rather than subjective. Junior grimes is a kid with potential but he better hurry for time is running out.
Announcer: alright and up next is J. GRIMES!!!!!!

Audience: woooooooh

J. Grimes: uh check it, huh, from dusk til dawn karate chop mr Han find me in the be—-

Audience: booooooh! Get off the stage!
by Somebody with a cat June 15, 2021
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