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The most amazing, unique person you will ever meet. Irresistible. Trustworthy. Great personality. Funny. Beautiful. Wifey material. Cuff her. She can make you feel like the most important person in the world without doing a thing. She doesn't realize she's the definition of perfection, which is was makes her perfect.
I can never hate Izabel, I love her presence.
by yo6969 October 19, 2014
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Izabel is the perfect. She is beautiful, talented and amazing. If u don't have an izabel in your life you should get one and in case I didn't mention her ass it's amazing
Izabel's ass if amazing she is so pretty!!
by Izabel maya November 21, 2016
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a beautiful baby, girl, women who has eyes that sparkle and a smile that makes you melt. Out going attitude, yet laid back and the life of the party. Reliable and trustworthy. A joy to be around, unforgetable. My life.
Izabel walks into a room and everyone turns and smiles.
by wildfirecfoh February 02, 2010
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A loyal,funny,amazing and beautiful girl. Mess with Izabel and she will whip your ass. She is thiCC and all the guys want her. She is the best girl ever. If u break her heart she will ruin your life. She is seductive and is super sexy. She is very cute and caring. She loves her phone and will snap a pic of herself every day. She is kind and sweet. You might hate Izabel because she is SO beautiful. Every one is attractive to her.
"Katy wishes she was Izabel"
"Izabel is very hot! Let's all send her dic pics!!!!!!"
by Yandere izabel September 01, 2019
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