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Izabelle is a gorgeous name that fits a gorgeous girl perfectly. Izabelle has lots of layers that she doesn't allow everyone to see. She appears extremely confident and outgoing but really, she has a lot of insecurities about herself. Izabelle doesn't understand how important she is in the world. Izabelle is envied by almost everyone but she doesn't know it and is probably telling herself how stupid this is because no one envies her (if you're thinking that you are wrong). All of the girls wish they had Izabelle's looks, personality, and smarts. She is probably shaking her head thinking that she isn't smart right now, (YOU ARE). Izabelle is a wonderful actress and she always will be, but more than that, Izabelle is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. All of the boys are in love with her but most of them don't know it yet. They'll figure it out soon enough though. ;) This was written for a specific Izabelle, and if you know the Izabelle this about, tell her how much she means to you. So, Izabelle if you are reading this... promise yourself that you are going to find things that you love about yourself. YOU ARE NOT THE WEIRD GIRL. You are Izabelle ****** and you haven't fully discovered who you are yet, but you should be proud of the image you have built for yourself so far, I sure am proud of you. I love you.
Izabelle is a beautiful person, inside and out.
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by bla bla bla who cares May 23, 2018
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Very adorable, cute, sportsy, girl who is intelligent but wont admit it. Shes a fun loving caring sweetheart who makes everyone around her feel at peace. Most beautiful girl in the world and wont admit that either lol Shes takes pride, effort, and care into everything she does and shes simply just Izabelle. and who doesnt love an IZABELLE
SHES such an Izabelle.
by IConman19 January 29, 2017
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Izabelle is a beautiful, funny, and amazing girl. She is very fashionable and is always smiling. Most of the time she is nice, but if you upset her she has an attitude. Makes a great friend and girlfriend, and can get any guy with her charm and amazing personality. She loves meeting new people and going new places.
"Izabelle is gorgeous."
"I know!"
by flower1 November 14, 2012
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A gorgeous girl with an amazing heart can light up a persons day just by the way she brightens up a room even though there’s kpop in the background while I talk to her she will always have that bubbly personality that widens your eyes and takes ur breath away. She talks a lot but it’s the best thing about them never makes things dull just like how crazy she can be sometimes trust me she crazy haha but most of all she doesn’t see the greatness inside and outside of her she has many insecurities but doesn’t show every part to just anyone. And be careful because she can really hook you in, this was made for a special person and she can be a best friend or even better of a partner but in every form she is amazing.
My crush is such an izabelle
by Ratchet grandpa August 11, 2019
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A fun loving anime lover! Shes everything anime and nothing but it. Shes sweet kind and a loveable person. She has a beautiful singing voice and dance moves people find funny but you'll just have to love:P Izabelle's are amazing girls that just make you smile and you can't help but love her.
Renn: I only wish I could find just one decent guy.
Izabelle: Don't worry theres plenty of guys out there and I'll always be here for you;)chu!
by anime freak 2 January 02, 2012
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Izabelle is such a slut and bitch who everyone hates and who fucks EVERYONE
by arhgormley July 31, 2016
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