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When a group of females have an abnormal form on the windpipes. Females that are generally boney and whiney. They tend to sport spandex pants and have there hair in a bun because of there small breast size. Most fourteen year old girls sport the itty bitey tittie committee but unfortunately estrogen levels don't support most females breast size that form the trendy itch and scratch pasty.
Tom. What time is that party?

Jeff. About ten why?

Tom. Because I hope those girls we met last night will be there. Those bitches were hot.

Jeff. Damnt Tom quit getting hard over the itty bittie tittie committee.

Jeff. Shit my pet cat tinker bell has bigger nipples then them girls. I've seen bigger mosquito bites on my neices hamster.

Those girls are so flat winded they need to find some tp.
by Jimmies. February 25, 2011
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