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Anya is beautiful, fun and always happy. They have beautiful faces, and they're eyes are just amazing. They are just about the most wonderful, fun, happy and awesome people that you will meet. If you are lucky enough to meet Anya, you will be stunned by her personality and looks.
You will never meet a person like Anya.
Boy 1 "Woah, look at Anya over there."
Boy 2 "I know, she is just so awesome."
Boy 1 "And beautiful."
by MOOROO23 January 04, 2014
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The most amazing, beautiful, intelligent person in the whole world. she will stick by your side and never let you down. Definitely a force to be reckoned with.
Anya is Amazing
by Chicka8267 May 04, 2015
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one of the awesomest people ever. Anya is normally sweet, super hyper and pretty. however, some people are compelte bitches to anya for no apparent reason. anya is a russian name, but it also has german, chinese, and spanish roots.
Anyas awesome
by Pandabear12 June 07, 2011
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Anya is a very humble and beautiful girl. She says she is not pretty but she is a piece of art. She has long legs and is taller than most girls. Anya is also very fast and athletic. She is also super smart. Anya’s are one of the best girls you will ever meet.
That girl over there is Anya, she’s so pretty.
by IluvHer;) March 13, 2019
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a girl who is super awesome, crazy, beautiful, fun, and popular
she is very skinny and petite, with super long legs and pretty eyes, anyas can be very mean if they want to, and dont forgive easily
anya is a russian nick-name for "anna" which is a common name in many other countries as well
"she is a total anya!"
by michael_the_awesome February 09, 2012
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An anya is someone who is fun to be around.
Person:That girl is definitely an Anya
Other Person: Yea she is so much fun to be around, shes awesome.

Person: I hung out with Anya last night
Other Person: So jealous, Anya is such an Anya. She is so baddass.
by TylerSaurus November 19, 2012
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