"Its like" usually followed by a unbelievable statement.
Its like...

"Its like, having an alarm clock with no alarm..."
"Its like, having a tv with no tv licence..."
"Its like, buying a porn subscription with no arms..."
by flyboyovyick February 06, 2012
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a word used to mean the opposite of what its intended to mean
its like its funny
its like you're pretty
by Realest Bae February 17, 2016
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Statement created by a very tall human being that is said at the end of a statement every time you mention anything Call of Duty related.
That guy killed me? Its like OK.

I see a teammate watch that guy kill me then shoot him, Its like OK.

I shot that guy in the chest 10 times and he didn't die, Its like OK.

Gratz I was just killed by enemies because they were Breakfast Tableing, Its like OK.
by Tall human December 21, 2010
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Guy 1: Are you going to that party tonight?
Guy 2: Its like whatever.

Guy 1: What do think of that girl over there?
Guy 2: Shes like whatever...
by drflubert August 01, 2008
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When u have beef wit another person and u yell it. IT means u mean what u say
mike : shut up bitch

JON : Nigga u shut up imma beat yo ass and its like dat 4u..
by Julian March 07, 2005
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When your in a crazy situation and everything mad, you can say "Well this is like strapping my penis to a tornado!"
You: wow this is awesome!

Me: its like strapping my penis to a tornado!

You: thats so true!
by SamLikesMelon September 14, 2012
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