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Carolyne is a warm hearted, caring beautiful girl. She puts others before her, even without getting glory. When one of her best friend likes the same guy as her she's the first to step back and hide her feelings. Usually by calling her crush a brother and acting like she doesn't like him. But she does more then anything. She is comepletely selfless, no one knows it because no one know her too well. She is always there for you to talk to. She hides her feelings as much as possible because she cares more about her friends then herself. She stands up for her friends no matter what. She is the one to forgive and forget. She always sees the good in people and always wants to make a difference in someone's life.

But I want whoever is reading this, she isn't ok she is like a thin very thin piece of glass and she's about to break. She's going through something so horrible and so cruel. You wouldn't begin to understand. She is someone you want to share a lifetime with.

All you have to do to win a carolynes heart is by standing up for her and being there.

Carolyne loves you no matter who you are. And when she says sorry she means it.

Don't take this girl for granted.
"Carolyne still likes him"

(Mean old insecure jealous bum says)

"No carolyne loves everyone not just him"
by Truest of true May 22, 2018
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she is amazing but sometimes annoying. she can be funny and nice. never leave her because she is the key to your heart. she has gorgeous eyes and change when she is an different mood. she only cares about herself, when she is alone. she is a great friend. she will never leave your side, some times.
person 1 : is that carolyne ? i hope so.

person 2 : yep that is carolyne. she is amazing.
by CocozBTS February 13, 2018
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One who considers herself better or different than other Carolines. Usually, according to Carolynes, the replacement of the I with the sometimes-a-vowel letter is a unique feature that cannot be matched by any other name. Accordingly, a pretentious middle name which is often accompinied by an accent mark, follows the subject name. This middle name almost always accompinies the first name when concerning a facebook profile or any other public display of names. If the middle name is mispronounced, the mis-speaker will be quickly correctly corrected.

Latin for "one who shrimps"
Random guy:Hey Carolyne,is your middle name Lory? No you ass it is LoreƩ.
Observerver: definitely a CarolYne. Wouldn't mind her shrimping me though.
by Atown-timbo April 01, 2009
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