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Islamophobes are people who believe that Islam promotes violence, barbarism, terrorism, persecution, women oppression (and fill any bad objective that you can think of).

To prove their point they indulge in either one or more of the following:

They will present references from the Islamic scriptures with their own twisted translation.

They will claim to present references form Islamic scriptures but introduce their own concocted explanation/ interpretation muslims are bound by the explanation of the prophet saws and the interpretation and understanding of the pious predecessors and their followers. Not by the explanation of anyone else

They will present references from unreliable, inauthentic sources while ignoring all the authentic references on the same subject which is not in line with their anti islamic agenda

They will present out of context references

They will present half sentences which can mislead people as that the actual meaning is lost

They refer to acts of few deviated muslims and try to link it with Islam while ignoring the wrongful acts done by followers of other religions
That Islam promotes violence is a lie being spread by islamophobes
by AL Nasr Al Tair August 20, 2016
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A naive (and typically uneducated) person who has fallen prey to the media's anti-Muslim smear campaign waged by the elite in a calculated effort to dehumanize people sitting atop a geostrategic oil-rich land and thereby manufacture consent for imperial wars in the region. In other words, it is a useful idiot who can always be counted on to rally around the flag against the enemy du jour.

These sad, insecure people are not interested in discovering the truth. Indeed, the vast majority of them have never personally met a Muslim, nor have they made any attempt to educate themselves on Islam's rich history and culture. Instead, they are solely interested in feeling morally superior and will thus only seek out information that confirms their anti-Muslim beliefs whilst tuning out all facts and evidence to the contrary. Muslims simply provide an easy scapegoat on which they can pin their problems and project their personal flaws and wrongdoings.
Islamophobes will endlessly shriek about false rape allegations and then turn around and falsely accuse all Muslims of rape.
by qbdkusoemv December 10, 2017
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