The most stereotyped religion in the whole fucking world. I mean, not all of us are terrorists but supposedly all the terrorists in the world are Muslims. Just because some motherfucking retards think we are kamikaze bitches doesn’t mean we are. So all of you who think this way can be deepthroated. If you don’t think this way pat yourself on the back because you can see through the same eyes as some dipshits and still see clearly. I rest my case.
“Yo I am a Muslim”
“So you follow Islam?”
“Fuck you terrorist”
“Go get deepthroated you fucking faggot. Go lick a clit 🖕.
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by Schwiftifier June 13, 2018
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Islam is the religion of the Quran and people that follow Islam are called Muslims

Islam means Peace.

Islam is the key to happiness and Allah is our only lord.
Islam means Peace
Islam is Peace
by Abdu Mohamed June 11, 2018
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Islam is one religion that is monotheistic, meaning they belive in one god, Allah. Dispite common beliefs, Allah is the same god as the one as Christianity and Judaism. Their prophet is Muhammad.
Islam is just another religion, and not all if them are terrorists.
by Koo1dud3_420 January 19, 2018
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Islam, a religion everyone failed to define correctly.
Islam teaches Muslims (the people who believe in the One and Only God, Allah(S.W.T)) to respect everyone even if it's a elderly or a young, even if it's a man, woman or any other believer.
Islam is a religion of peace (and I mean it literally), beauty and many more. It doesn't teach violence AT ALL.
Qur'an is Muslims' Holy book. (just like Bible is of Christians)
It shows us the right path, it's a cure when in need, it's a reward.
It's not a cult nor does it encourage terrorism.
Prophets are our leaders and most specifically Muhammed (P.B.U.H) is going to be our Leader till the Day of Judgement (end of the world basically).

In order to travel the right way, it has some rules and it is there for a reason. For e.g. Halal-Haram.
Halal is permissible or lawful and Haram is prohibited. We have some things prohibited and it is for a reason. (Let's all wait till 'the scientific researchers' find it's bad for the body and Muslims will be there nodding their heads knowingly)
Islam is beautiful. Instead of hate, it promotes love.

Me: Honey stop wasting your time listening to Immature people saying something they don't even know of with their poor researching abilities and make it useful by actually reading from a rightful source. Don't copy paste what other people wrote wrong about it.

People who defined Islam: B-b-but I know Islam more than you okay? I know the truth!!1!1

me: Stop it gurlie
by atleastiknowthetruth March 18, 2018
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A peaceful religion which takes you to the right lane (heaven). It’s for people who want to find a real answer to life.

They worship one God (Allah). Allah is their only, one, and merciful God.
Allah has sent an angel to the last prophet , Mohammed (PBUH), after people have changed the religions to ones that change the meaning of it, ones where they prayed for more than one god, and made ones, that is why Allah chose his prophet , Mohammed (PBUH), to tell people the real meaning of religion and worshipping the one God.

Allah didn’t choose Mohammed (PBUH) out of nowhere. He was the rightful person, he was known as Al Sadeq Al Ameen, meaning he was real and has never lied in his life and always gives back what he has. He was also known by his kindness to all kinds of people.
There are 5 pillars to Islam (Which are made to determine if you’re a real muslim or not)
1. Shahadat an la illah ila allah (saying that there is no god but Allah), Shahadat an Muhammad rasool Allah (saying that Mohammed is the prophet of Allah)
2. Ikam al Salah, performing prayers, as there are 5 per day, fajr, duhr, A’asr, Maghrib, and Isha’a.

3. Zakat, as it is giving charity from 2.5% of your earnings to the poor
... 4. Sawm Ramadan, Fasting as it is done once every year in the month of Ramadan for people who are not poor or are in great health, it is performed to get the feeling of people who are poor and do not have access to many supplies, also it is done from fajr to maghrib
5. Hajj, it is for people who can perform it (money to go, and having great health)

Person 1: He’s very kind, although he’s a muslim

Islam’s message isn’t as the way it is shown on TV, these are terrorists whom have not followed islam rules and forgot what islam is all about, Salam: Peace

I have made this definition after seeing all definitions about islam and they were all miserable and hideous, and this is why I have decided to show people what is the real meaning of Islam
by the.mo.yo.know May 31, 2018
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A monotheist religion that is hated on because of hardly a FRACTION of its population.
Yeah, despite popular belief, NOT all followers of Islam want to bash your brains in.
by jalakhari November 09, 2010
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the religion that is misunderstood by most of the people who have written about it before me. I'm positive that the "Kur'an" they read is 100% fake (because Amazon even sold fake Kur'ans with intro's such as "death to America"). There is nothing in the Kur'an that says you should kill non-muslims. In fact, Islam states that killing one person (no matter from what race or religion, because Islam states all humans are equal) is like killing all of humanity and that helping one person is like helping all of humanity. Plus, Islam orders that followers must believe in all prophets, not just Muhammed. The anti-Islam writings before me are all results of the misunderstanding all Islam. But I don't blame them, becuase those people are the victims of propaganda.
propaganda victim: "Islam encourages terror, it says so in the Kur'an"

the awake one: "which Kur'an did you read?!? the real Kur'an which has never been altered says that all people are brothers and forbids killing."
by jingoist May 05, 2007
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