another way to spell "yeah". can also be spelled "yeh".
*friends on msn*
sk8_grl_1: hey want 2 go 2 the movies saturday?
sk8_grl_2: yehh.
by love-bruises March 10, 2007
how 2 niggas on north avenue say yo
whats crackin YEHH, I just straight murked that niggas ass YEHH
by KT233 January 7, 2008
Someone agreeing with something and they do this by saying yehh boii
rory that girl is peng .. yehh boii
by Rdot Kyd October 5, 2008
When you can't be arsed to talk to someone but you want to keep them hanging for your own benefit
How has your weekend been? Did you get up to anything?

by theycallmebean July 29, 2019