I saw Britney on Top of the Pops last night and i got a massive Irish toothache.
by Dunky Oggins November 03, 2003
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When you eat something spicy, and the next time you poop, your butthole burns.
"I shouldn't have eaten that jalapeño burger last night! Now I've got an Irish toothache!"
by JemIsJerrica January 20, 2017
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a man who is unable to practice fidelity due to his roving eye, incessant sex drive, or his low self-esteem...also known as a womanizer.
"That Carl is such a cad...if his lying won't get him wasted, his Irish toothache will!"
by Titus Breast October 18, 2008
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Scottish expression for when a couple share symptoms e.g pregnancy, hormonal changes, intense pain.
My chin has broken out in spots! Is your period due because this Irish Toothache is murder!
by Janofarc May 03, 2016
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