faithfulness to a person, cause, belief, etc, demonstrated by continued loyalty and support.
he had no fidelity so he cheated on his girl.
by JessFace August 5, 2008
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n. loyalty to the regime and leadership of a Cuban dictator
That man over yonder has no fidelity." "He should be shot!
by Samurguy April 9, 2011
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Very cool guy who gets all the girls. And usually has 4 best friends
by Catdog December 20, 2016
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To be semper fidelis. Describes one who is perfectly faithful, loyal, and true. Denotes one who renders righteousness with perfect fidelity. Term borne of the information war.
David is the Truest Gentleman I know; he's fidel af!
by Medicine Owl June 12, 2021
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A male that is attractive and females want to bang
That guy fidele is so hot lets give him a blow job
by Fidele August 12, 2014
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The adjective form of fidelity; being loyal, faithful, and persistent to a task, show, or relationship.
Mark is a really fidel person. He hasn't look at that girl all day.

Sarah is a very loyal person. She is also looking for another fidel person to stay with her.
by whatsuppers April 12, 2015
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A person with large eyeballs who wishes to be the Estimator at his chosen profession. One who chooses to emulate the clothing choices of their definition of a human god, Trent
"There goes that Fidell wearing Trent's clothes again. Why would you buy the same shirt?"
by the Dostine July 25, 2017
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