The act of bailing on your friends at a party or activity without telling them.
Introverts are the undisputed master of the Irish exit.
by Someone who kinda exists December 28, 2022
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“Irish Exit” is a term used when a person leaves a place without saying goodbye to the people they are with.

Irish Exit is to leaving without saying goodbye: as Slim is to a nickname for an overweight person.

Early versions of the term Irish Exit come from Irish Americans leaving social functions like Church, football games, and plays. When the functions let out people would congregate outside and chat with each person they knew and say goodbye before heading home. This usually added 30 minuets to an hour to the evening. When there was little or no time to do the customary goodbye, the family would leave through the side door. The side door move became known as the Irish Exit. The term has come to mean leaving a place without saying goodbye to those you are with or those you came with.
Joe-"Where is Timmy?"
Pat-"He pulled an Irish Exit about an hour ago!"
by P.Seal September 26, 2011
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When the handsomest man or. woman at a party up and decides the party is over for him or her, and leaves everybody wishing they had one last look. (all other definitions are racist and demeaning, mistakenly assigning drunkenness as the reason, but the Irish know we are much smarter than this, and we want always to leave them wanting more, and this is one way to know we’ll be missed.)
Ah, Patrick O’Hagan you handsome man, I was gonna kiss you, but alas, I missed my chance when you vanished without a trace, in Irish Exit once again.
by Stu Cherbourg August 25, 2019
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Creeper: You get any from that drunk girl last night
Other Creeper: Yeah she let me stick it in her irish exit.
by OrdinaryFreak101 June 23, 2011
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More specifically, the irish exit refers to the departure from any event without telling any friends, associates or acquaintances that one is leaving. It is almost always the result of being very inebriated/intoxicated.
Man 1. Hey man, where'd you go last night? You just disappeared, did you take a girl home or something?

Man 2. Nah, I got drunk and pulled an irish exit. Uh... happy birthday by the way.
by moncho November 27, 2007
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To leave a social event drunk without any recollection of when or how.
Dude 1: Dude, I don't even know what time I left the wedding. Man was I trashed.
Dude 2: Yeah man, nice Irish exit, nobody knew you even left.
by NYCityBoy July 20, 2006
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Taking ownership of a beloved pub and fucking it up so bad no one ever comes back.
Viva La Penny...way to pull the irish exit, hopefully the next owners arent fucksticks.
by The Eville Joker July 26, 2017
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